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Slat Doors are made with the heavy duty and higher security in mind. Ranging from 24-18 gage galvanized steel, these doors ensure high strength, durability and longevity. Like all roll up doors, Slat doors roll into a coil to save open air space above in any building or warehouse.
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Sheet Doors are a single continuous sheet made of 26-22 gage steel. These are are suitable for your smaller mini-storage door and up to your larger warehouse door. Keep similar security as a Slat door though at a cost saving premium.
Fire Doors are designed to close and seal an area in the event of a fire or smoke being present. Intention is to keep fire or smoke from traveling from one area to another. Available in manual or motorized applications and can also be operated as a standard service door if desired.
Counter Shutters are most commonly used to for security over counter-tops. Common applications include pharmacies, bars, stands, cafeterias and anyother suitable application. Heavy duty - High Security
High Speed Doors are commonly made of a fabric material and are ideal for warehouses with high forklift ok likewise traffic. These doors can be activated by sensors, ground loops, and others.